Range Rules


1. Any member who violates or fails to observe any of the following rules is
subject to suspension and/or expulsion of his or her membership.

2. No drinking of alcoholic beverages on range grounds.

3. No one under 21 years of age may use the range unless under the direct
supervision of an adult member. Members must be 21 years of age or

4. No driving north of the firing line.

5. Absolutely no glass allowed on the range.

6. No loaded firearms behind the firing line.

7. All firing shall cease every 10 to 15 minutes to allow checking of
targets. Length of ceasefire and checking of targets can also be agreed
upon by persons in attendance and shooting. Unload (clear) firearms,
remove bolts, action open, mag removed, etc.

8. You must notify all shooters and make firing line safe before going down range.

9. Shooters must pick up their targets and remove them from range property, do not leave    anything on the range.

10. Shooting will be confined to range lease. Do not shoot at random. Each
bench or benches will have back stops directly in front of them. No
crossfiring. No targets will be placed on the range unless next to and
directly in front of the dirt back stop.

11. No hunting in the vicinity or on range grounds.

12. No pets on the range.

13. To prevent ricochets, never shoot any standing water.

14. Anyone seeing another person or persons violating range rules should
get a tag number and report the person to a range officer or club officer.

15.No armor-piercing, incendiary or tracer ammo will be shot, no 50 BMG, no exploding targets.

15a. No Class 3 (full auto).

16. Gate shall remain locked at all times, anytime you open the gate, close it and lock it.

17. Do not leave the combination showing on the lock or give the combination to anyone.

18. Guests: Members must pay $25 to a club officer in order to receive a special pass to take a non-member onto the range property.  The $25 is refundable if the pass is returned within the allotted time limit.  The $25 can also be applied to the guests first year membership if they decide to join.

19. All members must carry their membership card and have windshield sticker displayed on the vehicle while on the range property.

20. Range hours are sunrise to sunset, no shooting before or after.

21. Shooting with a fellow member is strongly encouraged, never shoot alone.